Six Best Points to Prevent Divorce Case Problem Solution

Firstly, what is divorce also called marriage dissolution?

It is the method of disrupting the marriage and gets separated divorce gives stress to everyone sometimes causing behavioral problems, psychological problems, and divorces cause loss of financial support causing crises. This may lead to a disturbed relationship between parent and child and other family members. For getting a divorce, one should follow the legal procedure which includes-

1.      A confirmatory statement informing the court about divorce.

2.      A proper legal reason behind it.

3.      Any other information which is required by the court.

Causes of divorce

1.      Domestic violence

2.      Any crises

3.      Alcoholism

4.      Gambling

5.      Extra marriage affair

6.      Understanding issues between the husband and wife

7.      Emotional and physical abuse

8.      Poor communication

Mention points of solutions for divorce

1.      Go to the counselor for counseling: it is the most effective method to prevent a divorce:

·       Understand the cause will guide you to move smoothly in the relationship.

·       A Couple should meet a counselor at least 2 times in a year.

v Merits of marriage counseling:

Improve physical intimacy

Improves communication

Establish a good connection between husband and wife

Change the perception of both husband and wife

2.      Discuss about the needs: when you communication between the two is good that means you can share your ideas, problems with each other, then you can talk about your needs and other should listen to it so that the other should not think that you are ignoring them needs one cannot understand what you are thinking in your mind to let them know, you should share and recite your problem, views, ideas with them. So that they can understand the sharing and talking will allow you to understand them better.

3.      Spare some them and spend some quality time with one another:

·        The couples sometimes are not happy because they feel that they are not meant for each other and do not relate to each other. This can occur due to many reasons like financial consists busy schedule etc. if the couple will not sit tighter for some time and share some time from their busy schedule, how they can connect. How they can understand each other. They will create poor communication, misunderstanding in them. To prevent this and to sort out the relationship couple should spend some quality time with each other.

4.      Have some accountability: the couple should have people surrounding them to whom they can be accountable. They can be fields, family members or anyone else.

·        An individual should be accountable to the wedding vows provides which they have done at their wedding.

5.      Accept the partner as he/ she is as human: one should always remember that your partner is a human being and human makes mistakes. But those mistakes can be improved by sharing thoughts, problems with each other you should have patience and willingness to forgive for moving in a relationship.

6.      Forgot the word ‘divorce’ from your life: never repeat divorce word again and again in front of your spouse. This will create digests and make him /her dissipate.

At last but not least, here in the above mentioned some solution to divorce marriage is an important part of life. It should not be terminated for a smooth life. Spouses should communicate, spend time, and accept each other to get rid of such a problem. Divorce is not only a solution to a problem. Many other solutions can prevent divorce.

How to Solve Divorce case problem solution

To Solve Divorce problems two most effective & hence popular measures are astrology based solutions and Vashikaran therapies.

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