How to use Vashikaran?

Love is an elite feeling of belonging to each other among themselves. With love and support, both can excel in their career and have a prosperous life together. Some misunderstandings and lack of faith may cause a gap or break in love, which in turn might lead to moving away in some cases rather than solving the issue.

In that case, Vashikaran can be employed by the one who needs the other back in a relationship,

to gain the lost trust, to reignite the love between them.


Vashikaran is a system used to bring back people and build their relationship. It is said to be in practice from the very ancient period. Vashikaran can be employed either by chanting mantras or by wearing amulets to the body.

The set of mantras, that has to be used with certain constraints to get control over the other person who left the relationship.

Though there are other forms most often mantras are used to get back the relationship.

A boy/ girl to get love back uses Vashikaran in order to attract his/her spouse towards themselves in order have a peaceful life ahead. If someone can’t express their feeling toward the other, vashikaran van bridge the gap between them and bring them closer. Vashikaran mantras have tremendous results usually. It is even capable of turning the enemy into a pleasant relationship.

How is Vashikaran done?

Vashikaran mantras have to be a certain number of times during certain activities. Having a photograph to whom the chant is to be caused, having hair strands adds to the values of the Vashikaran. The five basic mantras are,
“Aum Hum [name of the desired person] May Vashyam Kuru Swaha” to be chanted 21 rosary cycles. Performing Dashansh Homam after chanting is recommended.

Holi festival Mantras

“Aum Hrim Sah” to be started by saying 1,00,000 times on the occasion of Holi.
“Aumm Kshan Ksham Kshah Sau Hah Sah Thah Swaha” to be said 21,000 while preparing food. The food has to be consumed with a strong will towards the other people.
“Aum Namo Adi Rupaye [name of the desired person] Akarshanaam Kuru Kuru Swahaa” to be chanted 1108 times in front of a photograph and name written with blood over a bhojpatra. This will rekindle the love toward the chanter.
“Aum Kaam Malini Th Th Swahaa” to be chanted 1108 times over a mixture of molasses and pit of a fish.

This has to be applied as a tikka on the forehead of the chanter.

Responsible use of Vashikaran

Being loved by someone will bring in happiness to life, getting back ex-lover is a boon in everyone’s life. Vashikaran has enormous power to take control over a person desired by the chanter. So this can also use to control someone without their consent and make them obey the chanter’s orders.

So the vashikaran has to be employed with proper guidance for peaceful purposes.