5 Ladki patane ke vashikaran totke aur वशीकरण क्रिया

If you love a girl and want to vashikaran her and always want to be near her. Then pay full attention to this post because in this we are going to tell some useful and infallible Ladki patane ke totke and mantras.

By using Vashikaran, you can easily live with your girlfriend or boyfriend and can be in love with them throughout their life.

Ladki patane ke vashikaran totke – 01

This is the most simple and vandalism done by the expert. To do this, write vermilion and gangajal on a black cloth and the name of the girl. After writing the name, burn this black cloth and make it ashes.

Now make this ash flow into the river. Chant this mantra 21 times after ashes flow in water

4 ॐ Jag Mohini Vashitbhuteshu Namah॥

And come back home without looking back, your work will be successful.

Ladki patane ke vashikaran totke – 02

If you find any used clothes of any girl you want to control under your love, then bring it home and write your name on Tuesday on that cloth by mixing vermilion and Gangajal and make a coating ( मंगलवार के दिन उस वस्त्र के ऊपर सिंदूर और गंगाजल को मिलाकर एक लेप बनाकर अपना नाम लिखें ). Put the cloth in a small clay pot and bury it near any peepal tree,

your work will be successful within 7 days.

Ladki patane ke vashikaran totke – 03

This is the most important trick in the girl’s impressions, to do this you will need a lemon which should be big and can be 7 pieces. And the mantra given below is to be written on top of this lemon and then chanting this mantra 108 times.

॥ ॐ स्त्री मंम वश्य्मे ह्रीं धिं सः ॥

After chanting the mantra, cut 7 equal pieces of this lemon with any iron knife and then throw 7 pieces of this lemon on the chute from where that girl passes. Your work will be easy

Ladki patane ke vashikaran totke – 04

If you truly love someone and want to vashikaran her,

then write the name of the girl with sandalwood in your hand and keep your hands in the Ganesh temple in 3 consecutive stages till Wednesday.

Ladki patane ke vashikaran totke – 05

On any Tuesday or Saturday, take a white-colored handkerchief and make a swastika mark on it,

write down the name of the girl from sindoor and also from that sindoor. After writing the name, make a bundle of lemon,

one red chili and 3 cloves on top of that handkerchief and take it from any peepal tree and come back home without turning it back,

remember that you Have to do it at 3:00 am on Tuesday or Saturday

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